Supporting Church Planters

Chris Miller, President of Miller Management, is the host of this week’s episode. He is joined by his colleague, Matthew Marrs, the Pastor at Northland Church and he also does work with the SEND Network.

Church Planting – part two

This series will focus on why churches should plant other churches and how they can help support others in their planting efforts. Last week’s episodes discussed the need for multiple churches, not chairs. Today’s topic is on the supporting side of things.

Sending Church or Supporting Church

What do you need to have a successful plant? You can send your own people – be the sending church, but those that are planting also need support. Think of it like the nice Aunt and Uncle that give you a birthday present each year; supportive, but not the parents. You can be the sending church, the supporting church, or just a place to meet. We have an empty room that isn’t being used – opening up your space is a great way to support.

Matt also mentions that a lot of churches are terrible with the financial side. (Oh, are they? Miller Management had no idea! 😎) Outsourcing financials – or another administrative staff member – to help the church planter that doesn’t have those skills is another great way to provide team support. (Not forever, but until the admin team is built up.) There are so many administrative tasks that the church planters really don’t need to be dealing with.

Sometimes the planter is more like a free agent. Maybe you can just find a friend or a support through Pastors in the area. Someone is moving from outside the area and looking for support, they need to ask questions, find a place to crash even. These pastors know the area, they know what it’s like to be a Pastor, and can provide encouragement and support in so many ways, just be being themselves and knowing their community.

Again, leadership development is huge; creating that farm system of providing good leaders. Listen to last week’s episode if you missed that point.

Types of Church Planters

According to what our guest has seen, the types of church planters vary. If you are entrepreneurial and creative, you are more likely to go off and do your own thing. Those who maybe aren’t as strong in those areas make great campus Pastors. There is already a playbook written. Whereas the first group wouldn’t do as well with a playbook, because they have five new ideas on how to improve the playbook each day.

Another necessary skill is to have the right motive. Those who are planting because of frustration or thinking you can improve the whole process aren’t the ones we are looking for here. Your motive needs to be about reaching the community with the gospel. You are planting a church, not a service. Too many people are thinking about the church services rather than the church. You need to think more like a missionary than what fog machine you want to buy for the service.

Reaching the Unchurched

Our host asked our guest how they can reach unchurched vs. dissatisfied church members? Matt’s ideas are to get involved in the community in every way you can. You kid’s little league team, PTA members, and local baristas should all know what is going on at your church. Make partnerships and relationships everywhere. It’s more about who you meet, not where you meet.

Before you have your first Sunday, you need a lot of launch team meetings, lots of small groups already happening. You would want that first Sunday to have at least 100 – 150 people at the service. If you only invite and then start, you may have more volunteers than people coming in. It may take 6 months to a year from the start to the first Sunday service.

You need the infrastructure and leadership in place; even if you have a great marketing strategy. If you need ideas on marketing in ministry, head over to our conversations about that topic.

More Next Week

Join us next week as we continue our series on Church Planting with Matt Marrs.

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Special thanks to our guest, Matt Marrs, and our masters of all things Podcasting, Chris and Lauren Miller, for this second episode in our Church Planting series.