Leadership Development – practical steps to develop leaders in the church

Chris Miller, President of Miller Management, is the guest host of this week’s episode. He is joined by his colleague, Dr. Eddie Estep, District Superintendent at the KC District Church of the Nazarene.

Leadership Development – part four

The first two episodes in this series dealt with Selecting & Developing leaders and then Empowering & Releasing them. Specifically in the church. Last week we focused on the church, but also touch on the business side of leadership development. Today, the discussion focuses on the importance of leadership mentoring and training.

Pastoral Leadership Training

When Dr. Estep went to seminary, leadership classes weren’t a thing. But he is pleased that now there are – and he is even invited to help teach them occasionally. Back in his day, there were some seminars and books from John Maxwell, that you could learn on your own, but it’s not really the same.

Intentionally investing in other leaders and getting peer-to-peer mentorship are such necessary investments for Pastors today. He remembers having ideas that he at first thought were his own, but upon reflection knew they came out of conversations of other leaders he had discussions with. He didn’t necessarily have an intentional mentor, but there were friends in his corner.

How can congregants help their pastors grow and develop in leadership?

First of all, prayer is key! It’s amazing what prayer does for them (and you!). Providing resources for budget lines of coaching, books, conferences, etc. {Mentoring is much less cost option – maybe just a cup of coffee, but coaching does require payment – for the record.} Now, when Dr. Estep talks to pastors, he asks if they currently have a mentor, and what other resources are available to them.

What are things a Pastor can do to make sure they are still growing?

Let’s start with the obvious – Podcasts! can be a great way to learn and grow or just think differently. Books, blogs, and other easily accessible resources that have a low monetary commitment are great places to start. Other things take more intention, like shadowing or mentorships, or attending conferences.

“The quality of leadership effects the quality of ministry” – from the book, “Building Leaders: Blueprints for Developing Leaders at Every Level of Your Church” by Aubrey Malphurs & Will Mancini.

Our guest believes that the quality of leadership is the law of leadership and ministry. “The character, competency, and quality of the leader infuses itself into the organization. Whatever that leader is modeling becomes what the people of the organization model. That teacher is always modeling.”

How much of leadership is natural, and how much can be learned?

Some things are natural, and you can make better if you apply yourself and take good care of those disciplines you’ve been gifted with. But some of it is just opportunity, in our guest’s opinion. Most people can learn how to serve people – which is the heart of leadership.

“Leadership is taking people from where they are to where God’s calling them to be.” – Dr. Estep. You can learn to do that, but you have to have a heart to do that.

Books, Books, Books

The consequences of leadership done poorly is not fun to see. We hope you as a leader are always growing, and reading books by other great leaders is one easy way to facilitate that in your own life. Check out “Who Can Be Against Us? Leadership Lessons from the Life of Paul” coming out soon – Preorder here! Or view some of Dr. Eddie Estep’s other books on Amazon.

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Special thanks to our guest, Dr. Eddie Estep, and our masters of all things Podcasting, Chris and Lauren Miller, for this fourth episode in our Leadership Development series.